Unemployment insurance record (U1 document)

Information for migrants Unemployment insurance record (U1 document)

Periods of unemployment insurance records completed in EU member countries, Norway, Island, Lichtenstein or Switzerland can be taken into account for the award of unemployment benefits under Article 64 of Regulation (EC) No 883/2004 and it implementing Regulation (EC) No 987/2009. The information presented on this page is based on both regulations.

If you are planning on leaving for some other country in EU/EEA for work, you need to request the portable document U1 (PD U1), confirming unemployment insurance records before leaving the country.

In case you have worked in one or few EU member countries, Norway, Island, Lichtenstein or Switzerland and you do not have PD U1, you can address any “Sodra” department to receive mediation services in confirming the unemployment insurance record, he earned abroad. 

When addressing “Sodra” you should have a personal identification document and documents, which contain data regarding your employment abroad (a copy of the employment contract and other documents). In this case, the “Sodra” department will address the competent institution of the foreign country regarding the receipt of documents regarding the unemployment insurance record earned by you abroad, in 5 business days from the day it has receipt the application. In addition, whenever “Sodra” receives the reply, you will be informed of it by the “Sodra” Utenos department.

If you have worked in Lithuania and would like to receive a document, confirming yours unemployment insurance period in Lithuania (U1 document), you should address any “Sodra” department and provide an application form as well. “Sodra” department will issue the U1 document in 5 business days since receiving yours application. 

More information and the application forms could be found here.


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