Retention of unemployment benefit (U2 document)

Information for migrants Retention of unemployment benefit (U2 document)

Unemployed people who want to look for employment in a different Member State than the one that pays the unemployment benefit may export this benefit under Article 64 of Regulation (EC) No 883/2004 and it implementing Regulation (EC) No 987/2009 for a limited period of time. The information presented on this page is based on both regulations.

Lithuania applies the same rules indicated in regulations as the other Member States. The person who would like to export his unemployment benefit to the other Member State has to be registered at Employment Services no less than four weeks and he has to have the status of an unemployed. The departure can be authorised before such time has expired, but only when the unemployment benefit is designated for the person.

The person is given the portable document U2 (PD U2) Retention of unemployment benefits. It allows for the unemployed to seek work in another Member State and to stay on the social security system in Lithuania. Also, the person is given an information leaflet where all information about the export of unemployment benefit is given. With this PD U2, the unemployed person must register within seven days with the employment services of the Member State to which he has gone. The institution in this Member State has to inform Employment Services of Lithuania about the registration by means of a Structured Electronic Document (SED) U009 Notification Registration – Export. Only when the document is received, the unemployment benefit is paid. Each month the institution in the Member State to which the unemployed person has gone has to confirm by means of an SED U013 Monthly Follow-up that the unemployed person still complies with the procedures. If any circumstances occur which could affect the entitlement to an unemployment benefit (the person has taken up employment, has become self-employed, has refused a job offer etc.) the institution in the Member State to which the unemployed person has gone has to inform the competent institution by means of an SED U010 Circumstances Affecting Entitlement – Export.

Entitlement to an unemployment benefit is retained for a period of three months from the date when the unemployed person ceased to be available to the employment services of the competent Member State. The period of three months can be extended up to maximum of six months. If the person wishes to extend the period he has to fill out request and to send it by e-mail to Employment Services of Lithuania. If the competent institution extends the export period it issues SED U015 Extension Period of Export and sends it to the Member State to which the unemployed person has gone.

The person concerned must return to the competent Member State before the period during which the unemployed benefit is retained expires. The person concerned will lose all entitlement to benefits of the competent Member State if he does not return in time, unless the provisions of the competent Member State are more favourable.

PD U2 document is filled in the Lithuanian language. Employment Services can issue the document in the other foreign language, but it is optional. PD U2 is prepared no later than 5 working days.

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